Homeland Security Secretary: Investigation Continues on Abuse Allegations Against Yuma Border Patrol

Aug 9, 2019

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said the investigation into whether Yuma agents mistreated and, in one case, sexually assaulted a teenage girl in custody, is still ongoing.

Speaking to reporters in front of the border wall in San Luis Thursday, Secretary McAleenan said all allegations are taken seriously.

“Any allegations here in Yuma are undergoing that process (of investigation)," he said. "I can’t provide you with an update on the specific investigation today but I can assure you it’s being followed up either by the Office of Professional Responsibility or the Inspector General at DHS (the Department of Homeland Security).”

McAleenan also met with U.S. Senator Martha McSally and Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls at the Border Patrol station.