Inside The Yuma Real Estate Market: Useful Tips When Buying or Selling a Home

Dec 6, 2019

Arizona Edition Live

Show Number 25

Buying a home is exciting but can be stressful.  Selling a home is stressful but can be exciting.  And, of course, every experience is different.  But the right real estate agent can help.

Real estate agents know the community, the market trends, the specifics of the deal and literally provide you with the key to home ownership.  What does it take to become a real estate agent?

How do they help their clients balance their needs with what works for their budget?  And how do they keep up on market trends and fluctuations?

KAWC's Lou Gum sat down with Bobbie Cooper, President of the Yuma Association of Realtors about the real estate agent profession.  They talked about the Yuma real estate market and touched on some buyer and seller tips.

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