KOFA Campus Modernization Project Groundbreaking

Jan 30, 2018

KOFA High School Campus Modernization Groundbreaking

Next year at this time, construction at Kofa High School in Yuma will bring new classrooms, a new gym and what school officials are calling a "brand new student hub" to the school.  KAWC's Kim Johnson reports..........................

(Sound of the Groundbreaking and the KOFA High Band)

The project is to construct two brand new buildings, a 19 thousand square foot classroom facility and an auxiliary gymnasium, along with renovation of the center of the high school campus.  Kofa High Principal Mike Sharp says the new classrooms feature state of the art academic and lab spaces.  He says the auxiliary gym will be a modern facility for athletics and physical education classes.  But he says he thinks students will most appreciate the renovation of the center of campus........................

MIKE SHARP...We're taking the bookstore and ah, the student store, and a lot of the stores that the students have limited access to right now because they are in a classroom building.  Putting em down in the center of campus so they'll be able to go in and out of there and buy Kofa memorabilia shirts, snacks, books, whatever they need to buy...:16

The cost of the campus modernization project, expected to total 12 million dollars.  It's funded by the voter approved Yuma Union High School District Bond election in 2015.  The high school will remain open throughout the construction process.  I'm Kim Johnson, KAWC News.