Monday Classes At Yuma Union High School District Schools

Apr 28, 2018

Classes at the end of the week at most Arizona Schools were called off because of the Red for Ed teacher's walkout.  But what happens Monday?  For the Yuma Union High School District at least, the situation is still up in the air...............

Most state teachers have been off the job for two days now, walking out of classrooms to show support in Phoenix at the State Capitol, and in cities throughout the state, for a teacher pay hike and increased education funding.  Locally, most area school districts called off classes for the past couple of days.  But what happens then on Monday?  Eric Patten, Communications Director for the Yuma Union High School District, says for area high schools at least, things are still undecided...............

PATTEN...There's a chance that the walkout could continue, there's a chance that they would return Monday and be back for good.  There's a chance that they could return Monday and walk out again in the near future.  At this point we are not sure what could happen on Monday...:13

Patten says the district will make a decision about classes by tomorrow afternoon.  He says the district will use the Blackboard Connect School Messenger Notification System as well as social media and district websites to get the decision out.  He urges all district parents and guardians to make sure phone numbers and email addresses are current in the Illuminate Student Information System.  For KAWC News in Yuma I'm Kim Johnson.

UPDATE:  All Yuma Union High School District Campuses will be closed Monday, April 30th.  The District says it is unable to provide a safe and secure learning environment, therefore classes have been called off.  The District will continue to monitor the situation as to when classes will resume, and will let parents and guardians know.