Need For Donations Continue Despite Holiday Uptick at Yuma Food Bank

Jan 12, 2021

If there was ever a year where the need for donations were at a high, 2020 may have been it and the Yuma Community Food Bank saw that, according to President and CEO Shara Whitehead.



In November alone, the food bank distributed more than 1.5 million pounds of food to families in Yuma County. Thats up more than 677,000 pounds from November of 2019.

"You don't really get the full sense of it until you put a number to it," said Shara Whitehead, the Food Bank's CEO/President. "Then it resonates." 


However, the need for donations continues as the non-profit navigates into the new year. 

"Considering how charitable Yuma is and has been throughout the pandemic, the biggest fear that we have is donor fatigue," she said. "Because when things go indefinitely it, it makes it really a challenge." 


However, she has found it humbling how many people in this community still give to the food bank. Or like she put it, "giving through us". Everything the food bank receives from the community goes to other families throughout Yuma as well as other non-profits the food bank supports. 

"You've gotta keep the lights on, you've gotta keep the people paid, that you have, the staff. So those cash donations are very significant. We really appreciate you, all of you," Whitehead shared. 

The food bank recently received what Whitehead described as a 'Christmas Miracle" from the National Guard. Guard members have been helping deal with food donations there through much of the pandemic. Their last day was supposed to be Dec. 4 but an agreement between Gov. Doug Ducey and President Donald Trump extended funding through the end of Feb. 

Whitehead said volunteers are still needed at the food bank. If you re interred in volunteering any amount of time or money call 928-343-1234.