Pence Stumps For McSally in Yuma

Oct 26, 2018

Martha McSally is in a tight race with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to be the first female senator from Arizona. Both visited Yuma this week, however McSally brought in a big name supporter in Vice President Mike Pence on Friday.

Vice President Pence gave his full endorsement of McSally and said she is the most qualified candidate to address immigration and stop the caravan of Central American immigrants traveling north through Mexico. Local television station KYMA streamed the event live.

"I'll make you a promise," Pence told supporters at the Joe Foss Hangar in Yuma. "With Martha McSally in the Senate, with Donald Trump in the White House, we will build that wall, we will secure the border and we will fix this broken immigration system once and for all."

Polls show McSally and Sinema in a close election.