San Luis Mayor Confirms First Case of COVID-19 in City

Mar 31, 2020

The mayor of San Luis, Arizona has confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the city.

Mayor Gerardo Sanchez told KAWC that one of the announced cases of COVID-19 in Yuma County is a resident of San Luis. No further information was given but Sanchez said city officials are keeping residents informed to stay at home.

“People need to understand this is a worldwide issue," Sanchez said. "This is a pandemic. Just because we’re in little San Luis doesn’t mean we’re isolated.”

Public announcements in San Luis are being made in English and Spanish.

Sanchez said traffic at the border has decreased significantly as people are following the suggestion of essential travel only. 

On Sunday, San Luis Rio Colorado Mayor Santos Gonzalez Yescas announced the first case of COVID-19 there. He said he and other local officials were working with Sonoran state and Mexican officials.


Check back with KAWC as we add audio from our conversation with San Luis Mayor Gerardo Sanchez.