San Luis Mayor Supports Arizona Governor's Border Actions

Apr 23, 2021

The mayor of San Luis, Ariz. says he supports Gov. Doug Ducey’s decision this week to declare a state of emergency on the border and send state National Guard troops to his community.  


Mayor Gerardo Sanchez was invited to speak Wednesday after Gov.Ducey toured the border near Yuma. Sanchez said he welcomes the National Guard, who already have a presence in San Luis administering COVID-19 vaccines.  


He says any assistance that will allow the San Luis Port of Entry to remain open for the usual travel of locals across the U.S.-Mexico border is welcome.  



“Whatever support our Border Patrol can get, whatever support our Men in Blue, Customs get, it helps us,” Sanchez told KAWC.


Mayor Sanchez said when border officers are sent to encounter migrants, it leads to longer wait times at the port of entry.   


Sanchez said asylum seekers have stressed non-profit and religious organizations in San Luis in the past. 


While Sanchez was invited to Wednesday's press conference, Democratic leaders state Rep. Charlene Fernandez and state Sen. Lisa Otondo said they were not invited.