Sen. Mark Kelly in Yuma: Border Situation 'A Humanitarian Crisis'

Apr 5, 2021

Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly was in Yuma Monday and met with local U.S. Border Patrol Yuma Sector officials. 

Sen. Kelly said he saw migrant children being processed by Border Patrol officials. He said what’s happening at the border is a crisis but not a public safety crisis as many on the right have said.

“I would say it’s a crisis," Kelly told reporters. "It’s a lot of individuals that are coming across, especially kids. And it’s a humanitarian crisis and it’s tragic to see small children that are at great risk coming to our border.”

Sen. Kelly said it’s up to elected officials in Washington to address the root causes of migration and should not be a challenge for border communities including San Luis, Ariz., Somerton and Yuma. 

Kelly also met with area elected and public health leaders including Yuma County Chairman Tony Reyes, Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls, Somerton Mayor Jerry Anaya, Yuma County Supervisor Martin Porchas, Yuma County Health Director Diana Gomez, Campesinos Sin Fronteras and leadership from the Regional Center for Border Health to discuss the resources secured in the COVID-19 relief package for the Yuma area, as well as the situation at the border and infrastructure priorities for the region.

Kelly said in addition to directly supporting working families, small businesses and schools, the COVID-19 relief bill brings $76 million in direct assistance to local governments in Yuma County:

·       Yuma County: $41.6 million

·       City of Yuma: $21.42 million

·       City of San Luis: $8.3 million

·       City of Somerton: $3.95 million

·       Town of Wellton: $730,000

Kelly also visited the Yuma Proving Ground and the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma during his visit Monday.