StoryCorps Mobile Tour Kicks Off in Yuma

Nov 20, 2019

The StoryCorps MobileBooth- an Airstream trailer outfitted with a recording studio on board- is parked at the Yuma Art Center in front of the MOMO mural.

The MobileBooth will be there for the next month, available for the public to record conversations for free with someone they know or someone they would like to know better.

Participants get a copy of their recorded conversation and may choose to give permission to have it preserved at the Library of Congress.

Yuma appraiser Bill Moody and his 101-year-old mother Elizabeth were the first participants on Wednesday. Bill Moody said he and his mother spoke about her coming to Arizona in 1924 from Missouri, meeting her husband and moving to Yuma in 1944. 

“This is something that her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren in the years to come will be able to listen to as a way to stay in touch with (my) Mom, with their grandmother and great-grandmother,” Moody said.

StoryCorps will be in Yuma until Dec.21. Interviews may be in English, Spanish or any other language.

For information and to schedule an appointment, visit and click on the StoryCorps tab or call 800-850-4406.

KAWC Colorado River Public Media is a partner in the StoryCorps Yuma mobile stop.