Striking Local Teachers Line Intersection Of 4th Avenue and 16th Street

Apr 28, 2018

Yuma area teachers joined with teachers across Arizona Thursday in an unprecedented walkout for higher pay and increased education funding.  KAWC's Kim Johnson reports...............

Striking Yuma area teachers spent much of the day lining the intersection of 4th Avenue and 16th Street, joining teachers across the state in a walkout that closed down most of the state's public schools.  Teachers, parents, supporters and kids all wearing Red For Ed t-shirts filled the sidewalks of the intersection, receiving horn honking support from many of the cars going by.

A 20% pay hike is the teacher demand best known by the public.  Before the walkout, Kofa High U.S. Government teacher Ben Franz said teachers want several other important issues addressed...............

FRANZ...To fund education to equivalent levels to other states, to pay teachers to the national average.  To raise per student spending up to two thousand and eight levels, where the huge cuts began.  And to just take our education system serious...:13

In Phoenix, at least fifty thousand teachers from throughout the state marched on the State Capitol for those goals.  Inside the Capitol, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Livingston said Republican Leaders in the House agreed to support Governor Doug Ducey's plan for a 20% teacher raise by 2020.  The Governor's plan does not address the other teacher demands.  I'm Kim Johnson KAWC News.