Trump Greeted By Protesters, Supporters in Calexico

Apr 5, 2019

President Donald Trump was in Calexico on Friday where he visited a section of the border wall. Along the way, he was met with both protesters and supporters.

Trump landed at Naval Air Facility El Centro just before noon and was taken to the border about 20 miles south.

Both protesters and supporters gathered near the border at an outlet mall, as a large “Baby Trump” balloon flew nearby.

El Centro resident Yolanda Muñoz was part of a group with pro-Trump flags and signs.

“I’m proud of all the supporters that came out," Muñoz said. "I’m law enforcement so I support our President Trump. The back, I don’t care. They can protest all they want. They don’t matter.”

Some on both sides debated each other, though things remained generally civil as police watched nearby.

Brawley resident Jessica Martinez held a sign that read “Seeking Asylum is a Legal Right”.

“Being from the Imperial Valley, I heard Trump’s proposal to close the Mexican border and that would have caused great economic damage here on this side," Martinez said.

Trump left for Los Angeles following his Calexico visit.