Two Million Americans Don't Have Clean Water, Study Says

Nov 22, 2019

A report released this week by the group Dig Deep and the U.S. Water Alliance says two million Americans are without basic, reliable water systems in their homes.  Even more live without basic sanitation. 

The issue is especially acute for minority populations and the poor.

Here in Arizona, the Navajo Nation is particularly impacted by lack of access to water, some people travelling miles to get water just to maintain their households.

And along the U.S.-Mexico border, poor communities of color face challenges in accessing water even when it is readily available.    

KAWC's Lou Gum spoke this week to George McGraw (interview below) about the new report and about the organization he heads and founded, Dig Deep, a national non-profit that seeks to ensure that every American has access to clean water.

You can find the water report issued by dig deep and the U.S. Water alliance at

There is also information there about some of the specific project the organization funds and manages, including the Navajo Water Project.