YUHSD Campuses to Return to Distanced Learning

Nov 19, 2020

Students in the Yuma Union High School District will go back to distanced-based learning Monday, Nov. 23.

The district's governing board voted unanimously to return to distanced learning after a recommendation from Superintendent Gina Thompson during a special board meeting Wednesday night.

There is no set date for when students can return to in-person learning, but the district will revisit the COVID-19 metrics next month and in January to determine if it is safe for students to return to campus.

The decision comes as coronavirus cases surge in Yuma County and throughout the state. As of Thursday, there were 15,813 cases of the virus and 369 deaths in Yuma County. The total percent of those testing positive in the county is 15.1%.

Through distance learning, students will be on-camera and start at regular school time. For a schedule breakdown for each school visit here.

All YUHSD sports including those in the winter have been paused.