Yuma Airport Welcomes New American Flight Schedule

Oct 4, 2018

American Airlines has announced it will soon offer non-stop flights between Yuma and Dallas.

American Airlines announced its 2019 schedule October 2nd.  In addition to adding to its international destinations with flights to Cuba, Honduras and Mexico, the airline also added 15 new domestic regional destinations through its hub in Dallas-Fort Worth, including Flagstaff and Yuma.

The new routes are part of American’s attempt to grow from 800 to 900 peak daily departures by next summer.

Yuma Airport spokesperson Gen Grosse says Yumans now have access to more destinations.

"This non-stop route will also open up to 95 different locations that weren't othersiwe available to us, and 42 international locations.  So this is just an amazing opportunity for us.  Our community is really excited and we can't wait," Grosse told KAWC.

In a statement, director Gladys Brown says the airport has been focused on increasing commercial service for years.  She says the route to Dallas-Fort Worth is good for both leisure and business travelers.

The airport will continue to offer daily non-stop flights to Phoenix. The Dallas flights will include an early morning departure from Yuma and an early evening return flight.  

Grosse says the additional flights will not require any changes to the airport or to staffing.  She says the current staff can easily cover the new flight schedule.

Tickets go on sale the weekend of October 6th.  Service begins March 3rd.