Yuma County Sheriff Candidate Mark Martinez Speaks To Voters in Somerton

Sep 4, 2020

A challenger to Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot in November’s election was in Somerton on Thursday night where he made his case for change to local voters. 



Mark Martinez is the Democratic challenger to Wilmot, who has been with the YCSO since 1985 and as Sheriff since 2013. Martinez said Yuma County needs a new Sheriff in town. 


“Why do I think Yuma County needs a new Sheriff? I think there’s room for some positive change in Yuma County," Martinez told KAWC. "I’ve been with the Sheriff’s Office for 32 years. That experience lets me know there is a need for positive change and that’s what I’m all about.”  



Martinez retired after 32 years of service from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office as a Captain of the Patrol and Detention Bureaus. He is also an Army veteran. 


If elected, he will be the first Latino sheriff in Yuma County. 


Martinez spoke at the 85350 Sports Bar and Pizzaria in Somerton. Those in attendance wore face masks, except while eating or drinking, which is allowed in restaurants. 


Speakers said they can't recall the last time Wilmot visited Somerton.