Yuma Late/Early Ballots to be Counted May Have Somerton Votes

Nov 8, 2017

Somerton Ballots May be among City of Yuma Votes Left to be Counted

More than 65 hundred votes were counted after the City of Yuma's Tuesday City Council vote.  But one thousand thirteen late early ballots left to be counted will decide the fate of two City Council seats.

Three Council seats were up for grabs in Tuesday's vote.  The vote leader Tuesday, incumbent Gary Knight, is considered a near certain victor.  But City Spokesman Dave Nash says almost anything could happen with the five remaining candidates.  Two will be elected after the late earlies are counted.  But Nash says there is a wild card to the count.  Some of the votes may not be from the Yuma election.....................

After Tuesday's vote count Knight had just over 32 hundred votes, followed by former Councilwoman Leslie McClendon with just under 29 hundred.  But the difference between McClendon, Karen Watts, Gregory Counts, Ken Rosevear and Kristina Rojas-McNair is only 477 votes.  County election workers are to begin counting at nine o'clock Thursday morning.  Nash says a final unofficial vote total could come by late Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning.