Yuma Visitors Bureau Dodges Big Budget Cut in the City of Yuma's Final 2017-2018 Budget

May 5, 2017

Final New Yuma Budget Cuts Planned Yuma Visitor's Bureau Budget Cut from 250 Thousand to 50 Thousand Dollars.

Officials from the Yuma Visitors Bureau admit to being relieved in the wake of Wednesday's final approval of the City of Yuma' fiscal year 2017-2018 budget.  The relief comes from the restoration of 200 thousand dollars of a planned 250 thousand dollar cut from the organization, approved in the city's preliminary budget adoption in April.  Dustin Mylius is Yuma Visitors Bureau Marketing Manager, he says he can only speculate why the Yuma City Council changed its mind on the cut.

The Visitors Bureau says it will take substantial modification of what it calls "the organization's program of work" to cut 50 thousand dollars from their budget, but that it's a far cry from the 250 thousand dollars originally approved.