Jazz Straightahead

Jazz Straightahead is a weekly two-hour radio program featuring jazz, hosted by "Doc Jazz" (aka Cary Meister). Call it straightahead, mainstream, or acoustic, the program is in the line that begins with traditional (New Orleans, Chicago), on through swing, bop, cool, hard bop, third stream, and post-bop, right up to today's young lions of the sax, trumpet, piano, bass, and drums--and other instruments.

Occasionally, Doc Jazz will digress into jazz-related and other improvisatory musics (blues, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and various other ethnicities), and two features within the show are Jazz West to East, a calendar of the jazz scene in southern California and Arizona and Yuma Jazz Calendar, which highlights what's going on in all the Jazz in Yuma, Arizona.

Check out recent episodes on PRX: https://beta.prx.org/series/39467