Matador Memories: Celebrating AWC's Golden Anniversary

Arizona Western College began offering learning opportunities to the residents of southwestern Arizona in the fall of 1963. This year KAWC will join the entire AWC community celebrating this golden anniversary. Join us for Matador Memories every Friday morning during Morning Edition and evening during All Things Considered for stories from people whose lives have been changed through Arizona Western College.

Brenda Smith Valenzuela : Matador Memories

Mar 20, 2014
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Brenda Smith Valenzuela, a graduate of AWC in 2001, who went on to receive her bachelors degree from NAU-Yuma and two masters degrees.

Smith says her life growing up in southern Yuma County made AWC a perfect choice for higher education.

Moses Camarena : Matador Memories

Mar 6, 2014
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Moses Camarena graduated from Arizona Western college in 1968. He says his decision to pursue higher education was inspired, in part, by the lack of options young men faced in those days.

In addition to his years as a wrestling coach and math professor, Moses Camarena served as an academic Advisor to thousands of AWC students between 1971 and 2013. It was during this period that he developed the idea for the annual La Cosecha celebration.

Susanna Zambrano : Matador Memories

Feb 11, 2014
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Susanna Zambrano is the Academic Advising and Student Services Coordinator at Arizona Western College. She  got her start at AWC as a student back in 2002, and has turned her love of learning into a career helping others learn.

Jack & Nancy Cook : Matador Memories

Feb 4, 2014
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Jack and Nancy are winter visitors to the Yuma area, for more than a decade they have become fixtures at AWC sporting events.


Jan 30, 2014
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Gonzalo Huerta, a former student at AWC, says access to a local community college was critical to meeting his families’ educational goals…

Gonzalo Huerta was not only a student at Arizona Western College, he also served as adjunct faculty in the AWC Welding program under the direction of Sam Colton…