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Andrea Perez Balderrama is KAWC’s grant and listener funded Report for America reporter. Her work focuses on the Latinx community of Yuma and the surrounding region with the goal of exploring and sharing their stories. She can be reached via email at and through Twitter at @aperezbald

Ways to Connect

City of San Luis

In late August, I drove to San Luis to meet up with Alexis Gomez. I was interested in learning about Census outreach in communities near the border, and he worked for City Hall driving one of San Luis’ main advertising methods: the Census truck. 


On the Ground with Andrea: Acclimating to Life in Yuma

Sep 21, 2020
Andrea Pérez Balderrama

  It was late June and I was sitting in my car with my dad. All of my possessions were crammed in the back seat of my sedan as we drove through rural Utah, and I was trying to use cell data to connect to a work call. The signal was spotty, but I was able to say at least a few words during the meeting.  


City of San Luis Implements Census Truck to Increase Response Rate

Sep 17, 2020
City of San Luis

Cities in Yuma County are falling behind in their 2020 Census response rates and risking a significant loss in funds for healthcare, schools, services and roads.


But in San Luis, a white pickup truck with a is driving through the city with a loudspeaker, encouraging residents to fill out the questionnaire. 


Alexis Gomez usually works at San Luis City Hall as a Code Enforcement Officer, but for the last six months he’s worked extra hours in the evenings to drive the Census truck.