Work Stories

Work Stories focused on the professional lives of local Yuma, Arizona residents as they recall memorable people and events. The following is an archive of interviews conducted and produced by KAWC Reporter Maya Springhawk Robnett

Arizona Edition - Kenneth Dale, Jr. is a Professor of History and the coach of men's and women's soccer at Arizona Western College.  Professor Dale is originally from Tucson and attended Arizona State University before coaching women's soccer at Pepperdine University in California.  This month on Work Stories, we are talking to professors about interesting stories from their profession and here Coach Dale tells the story of a wildfire that threatened Pepperdine's campus...(originally aired 02/05/14).

Arizona Edition - On Work Stories, we hear from U.S. Border Patrol Agent Douglas Choi.  Agent Choi, who is originally from the Bay area of California, talks about a situation he witnessed that could have had a far more frightening outcome...(originally aired 01/22/14).

We tried to bring a little bit of calm and order to what could've been a chaotic scene.

Work Stories: Border Patrol Agent Linwood Estes & the Boy with the Coin in His Stomach

Jan 16, 2014

On Arizona Edition's Work Stories, we hear from Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agent Linwood Estes.  Agent Estes is an Arizona native—born and raised in Tucson—and he began his career in the Border Patrol 4 ½ years ago.  In this installment of Work Stories, Agent Estes recalls a little boy who came to the border with a coin in his stomach…(originally aired 01/15/14).

Work Stories: Border Patrol Agent Lee Pooley and the Family in the Cold

Jan 10, 2014

On this segment of Arizona Edition's Work Stories, we hear from Lee Pooley, who recalls one experience in the field that truly impacted him as a Border Patrol agent...(originally aired 010814).

This piece was featured in the January 8th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show, as well as other Work Stories, can be found below in the related content section.

Work Stories: Waiter Michael Ford and Mourning Military

Dec 19, 2013

On this installment of Arizona Edition's Work Stories, we hear from 21-year-old Michael Ford, who will soon be leaving his job at a steakhouse in Yuma to continue his studies at Arizona State University in Tempe.  Here, Michael tells us about the stresses (and gifts) of being a waiter...(originally aired 12/18/13).

This piece was featured in the December 18th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show can be found in the related content section below.