Work Stories

Work Stories focused on the professional lives of local Yuma, Arizona residents as they recall memorable people and events. The following is an archive of interviews conducted and produced by KAWC Reporter Maya Springhawk Robnett

Work Stories: Renee Sheldahl on Impacting Students

Oct 31, 2013
Yuma Union High School District / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

On Work Stories, we end our series on teachers with Renee Sheldahl. 

Renee was educated in Yuma at Arizona Western College before herself becoming an educator in the community.  She has been a teacher for twelve years and currently teaches Modern Languages at Gila Ridge High School.  At the KAWC studios, Renee talks about a student she didn't even realize she had impacted...(originally aired 10/30/13).

To know that a kid like that I was able to touch and to reach…that was really one of the important things, I think, about how I tried to do my job.

Work Stories: Delia Castro-Moreno on the Method to Teaching

Oct 23, 2013

Gaudelia Castro-Moreno is a mathematics teacher at Vista Alternative High School in Yuma.  As a teacher, she says sometimes students don't pay attention or, due to difficulties in their lives, they can become confrontational.  Delia says through the years, to address these issues, she has developed an interesting method to teaching...(originally aired 10/23/13).

When you go into the classroom, it becomes your stage & you have to become alive.

Lauren Arrington is a Special Education teacher at Vista Alternative (Strategies for Success) High School in Yuma.  In Work Stories, Lauren recalls the "roughest year of her life"—her first year teaching at an inner-city school in Kansas City, Missouri...(originally aired 10/16/13)

I grew up in this little bubble in Oklahoma and then I go to this inner-city was like culture shock.

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Work Stories: Annette Elias in the Classroom

Oct 10, 2013

Annette Elias is an English teacher at San Luis High School and devout Christian.  At the KAWC studios, Annette sat down to talk about a classroom experience with her students that she witnessed...(originally aired 10/09/13)

He was using this experience of his to teach to the other students about forgiveness, about mending relationships with your parents and forgiving and how, once you forgive, you just unchain yourself…and really experience freedom.

Work Stories: Erik Langland & the Life of a Teacher

Oct 3, 2013

Erik Langland is a mathematics teacher and a chess coach at Yuma High School.  Langland told KAWC a bit about what it is like to be a teacher...(originally aired 10/02/13)

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