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The Berlin Candy Bomber recounts WWII charitable efforts

Nov 11, 2014
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Arizona Edition--Recently, a flying crew from the Arizona National Guard was suspended for dropping candy to children at a Halloween party.

This gesture of dropping candy to children has been a time-honored tradition among air crews in the U.S. Military.

Col. Gail Halverson, who is also known as the Berlin Candy Bomber, was one of hundreds of American pilots involved in the Berlin airlift in 1948.

When Halverson heard the news about the flying crew being suspended for the gesture, he was worried the tradition would come to an end.

Arizona Women: Ana Bella De Anda, Mama Bella Hot Sauce

Nov 10, 2014

Arizona Edition- Ana Bella De Anda, is the owner of Mama Bella Hot Sauce in Somerton. As part of our weekly segment, we highlight the stories of women who have made an impact in their community.

Part of De Anda's motivation is a result of following in her mother's footsteps who was selling beauty and health products before she passed away.

After her mother's death, De Anda began thinking seriously about  selling her special habanero salsas her whole family and friends enjoyed.

New Rabbi to lead Jewish congregation during High Holy Days

Nov 10, 2014

Arizona Edition-For nearly two decades, the small Jewish community in Yuma County did not have a seasoned Rabbi to lead their services.

Rabbinical students usually start off in rural areas like Yuma to later lead in bigger congregations. 

However, for the beginning of Rosh Hashanah which is the Jewish New Year, the Jewish community in Yuma welcomed a seasoned rabbi from Southern California to lead their services.