Victor Calderón/KAWC

While undocumented youth and asylum seekers have been in the news recently, the half dozen members of the public who attended an immigration legal clinic in Yuma Friday had questions on the citizenship process, which officials say is more representative of immigration services sought by Yuma County residents.

Victor Calderón/KAWC

Local social service agencies and legal representatives held an immigration legal clinic Friday in Yuma.

Yuma Regional Medical Center

Although what some local officials have called a "migrant crisis" here in Yuma has subsided in recent weeks, the release of asylum-seeking migrants families that began this spring impacted community resources, including the area's hospital, the Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Facebook/AZ Patriots

A Conservative group of Phoenix-area residents is hosting what they are calling a Patriot Caravan at the border in Yuma County later this month in response to the high number of undocumented migrants who continue to arrive every day.

National and Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials on Wednesday released numbers for migrant apprehensions along the border for May.