Wall of Fire: Marine Corps Air Station-Yuma Breaks Own World Record

Dec 22, 2017
Lance Cpl. George Melendez / Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

Marine Corps Air Station-Yuma broke its own world record for the longest wall of fire at the Yuma Airshow in March and this week, Guinness World Records officially certified the achievement.  KAWC’s Maya Springhawk Robnett reports…

Stephanie Sanchez

President Donald Trump visited Yuma this Tuesday ahead of a big event in Phoenix.

KAWC's Stephanie Sanchez  reports people gathered in 108 degree heat to get a glimpse of the president.

Military Spouses Co-Op in Yuma

Jun 25, 2014
The Ms. CO-OP Project

Arizona Edition - Having a spouse in the U.S. military means being prepared to move quite a bit as assignments and deployments change for military personnel.  That can make finding and keeping work or a career going for military spouses difficult, since long-term planning and career advancement take a back seat to new orders for their husbands or wives.

Arizona Western College Launches Veteran's Art Project

Jan 30, 2014

Arizona Edition - Yuma is a military community, housing both the Marine Corps Air Station and the Yuma Proving Ground.  At Arizona Western College, an art professor recently started a program to help current military, veterans, and their families with the stresses of military (and daily) life.  KAWC’s Maya Springhawk Robnett reports…(originally aired 01/29/14).

This piece was featured in the January 29th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show can be found below in the related content section.

Michelle Faust / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

Recently on Arizona Edition, we heard about an idea for the Marine base to take over the Yuma County Fairgrounds due to the dangers of its proximity to flight-line operations there.  Colonel Robert Kuckuk, the Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Air Station-Yuma, will talk about the fairgrounds and some of the other issues and activity at MCAS-Yuma, including a look at the first year of operations with the new F-35 and what’s to come as more of the planes fly over the Yuma area...(originally aired 12/18/13).