San Luis Police Department

Victor Calderón/KAWC

Three San Luis High School students were arrested Wednesday on campus after San Luis Police officers said they seized more than 3,200 pills of the drug fentanyl.

San Luis Police Department

San Luis’ Acting Chief of Police Richard Jessup has earned the job on a permanent basis.

Border Patrol Faces Drug-Smuggling Drones

Apr 24, 2017
Image captured by Yuma Sector Border Patrol, 2016

Monitoring the U.S./Mexico border for drug smuggling activity is one of the charges of the U.S. Border Patrol.  This task has been made that much more difficult in the technological age.  Maya Springhawk Robnett of the Arizona Science Desk reports…

San Luis Chief Discusses Policing On The Border

Feb 27, 2017
San Luis Police Department

It’s been a year now since the City of San Luis appointed its new Chief of Police.

Chief Craig Higgins, who is a retired federal drug enforcement agent with over 28 years of law enforcement experience, is the latest in a line of people to take the position. The department has had five chiefs in five years.

KAWC's Stephanie Sanchez checks in with San Luis Police Chief Craig Higgins for an update on the state of the department and community policing.