Weapons testing

Yuma Proving Ground Nears Its 75th Anniversary

Oct 31, 2017
Maya Springhawk Robnett / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

Yuma Proving Ground, the U.S. Army’s weapons testing and training military installation near the city of Yuma, is coming up on its 75th anniversary in February.  And the proving ground has already begun preparations.   For the Arizona Science Desk, Maya Springhawk Robnett reports…

Yuma Proving Ground Hosts Foreign Military Weapons Testing

Jul 26, 2016
Maya Springhawk Robnett / Arizona Science Desk; KAWC

Artillery responds to changes in climate, and when soldiers want to test weapons in a hot, dry environment, one of the places they come to—is a Yuma Army Base.  And it’s not just U.S. military operations.   Maya Springhawk Robnett of the Arizona Science Desk reports.