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Burglary, assault, drug offenses and fraud top the list of crimes committed in Yuma.

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey brought a local version of his State of the State address to Yuma on Thursday. The Governor highlighted the involvement of Yuma Ag leaders and legislators in drafting the Arizona Drought Contingency plan and delivered a positive assessment of state finances.


Arizona Edition - John Courtis (pronounced Curtis) is now flying solo as the new Executive Director of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce. 

For the past few days he has been working with long time Chamber head Ken Rosevear.  Rosevear retired as of September 29th.  KAWC’s Kim Johnson spoke to the new Chamber Director to find out more about him and his goals for his new position…

Executive Director of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce Ken Rosevear announced recently that he would retiring from his position in phases within the next two years.  KAWC's Lou Gum asked Rosevear about stepping down as the Executive Director, business in Yuma County, local and federal politics, Yuma city elections, and the county's high unemployment rate...(originally aired 10/16/13)

This piece was featured in the October 16th Arizona Edition, which can be found in the related content section below.

Arizona Edition: Business in Yuma County

Oct 16, 2013
Maya Springhawk Robnett / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

On Arizona Edition, KAWC's Michelle Faust takes us to San Luis, Arizona, which is in the process of building a "Business Incubator" to help support the local economy.  On the topic of business, KAWC's Kim Johnson talks to local RV parks about Winter Visitors, the seasonal clientele who heavily support Yuma's economy.  Later, Ken Rosevear, the Executive Director of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce, talks to KAWC's Lou Gum about local and federal politics, Yuma city elections, and generating jobs in Yuma.  Also, as part of the Work Stories series, Special Education teacher