Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association

Lou Gum / KAWC

Federal officials say the e-coli outbreak that led to the deaths of five people and sickened hundreds more is over.  But the U.S. Food and Drug administration now says bacteria that contaminated romaine lettuce grown near Yuma, Arizona has been found in local irrigation canals.

Arizona Town Hall Begins Next Week, With A Focus On Water

Nov 13, 2015

Water issues fill the agenda for the Arizona Town Hall meeting in Mesa Nov. 15-18.

The meeting is a statewide effort to draft a report addressing water resources in the state, including recommendations for future use.

Arizona Town Hall participants will collectively address questions such as “How well has Arizona managed the use of water?” and “What actions would have the most beneficial impact on Arizona’s water needs?”

In Arizona Edition, KAWC’s Kim Johnson takes a tour of the 7th Annual Southwest Agriculture Summit.

In this segment of Arizona Edition, KAWC’s Lou Gum looks into some of the topics discussed at the 7th Annual Southwest “Ag” Summit, including how immigration affects agriculture.