Yuma History


90 years ago 20 women competed in the first Women’s National Air Derby, an airplane race that took them from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio -- with a stop in Yuma.

You may have heard of one of the race participants – Amelia Earhardt, but by and large the women, each a pioneer in aviation, are largely forgotten.

Today we’ll talk to the producer of a documentary about the race to learn more about the First Women’s National Air Derby, including tales of sabotage, sexism, and even death.

Maya Springhawk Robnett / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

A World War II veteran recently visited Yuma to see how his uncle’s memory is being honored—through an exhibit at the Yuma Territorial Prison.  KAWC’s Maya Springhawk Robnett reports.

Cindy Carpien for KAWC

A good burrito in Arizona is like good lobster in Maine or gumbo in Louisiana. 

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Oct 7, 2014

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La Casa Gutierrez Closes

Aug 15, 2013
Dave Veatch / Dave Veatch Media

A long-standing restaurant in Yuma has closed its doors for the final time to preserve a piece of the city’s history.  KAWC’s Maya Springhawk Robnett reports...(originally aired 081513)