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UA Hosts Desert Produce Safety Conference

Jan 11, 2016

The University of Arizona is holding a food safety conference Jan. 11 in Yuma, with a focus on desert-grown produce.

The event will bring together more than 100 agriculture and food professionals, growers and other community members. Organizer and UA extension agent Paula Rivadeneira said the discussions will be tailored to regional concerns.

“We have a really interesting situation that we have produce growing in the desert. And so we have some things about our agriculture that are a little bit different from other places across the country," Rivadeneira said.

Amanda Solliday - KAWC

Dec. 17 marks the extended deadline for enrolling in a federally-administered Health Insurance Marketplace plan to receive coverage on Jan. 1.

Despite more consumers shopping for health insurance plans, those in Yuma County see fewer options available.

In Arizona, federal data show nearly 95,000 individuals selected plans as of Dec. 12 – days prior to the original deadline. This is already about 30 percent more than the number of plans selected by new and returning customers before last year’s deadline.

Tucson Bishop Shares Climate Change Message From Pope

Dec 7, 2015
Amanda Solliday - KAWC

As the United Nations conference in Paris continues, many are focused on climate change. This includes the Catholic Church.

Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson spoke in Yuma Dec. 6 about Pope Francis’s encyclical, or letter to the church entitled “Laudato Si: On Care For Our Common Home.”

Slideshow: Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival

Nov 21, 2015
Amanda Solliday - KAWC

For the 25th year, the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival brings together dozens of balloonists in Yuma Nov. 20-22, 2015.

For KAWC, reporter Amanda Solliday flew with pilot Katelyn Salazar in her balloon, Sky Magic, during the first launch of the festival.

See the schedule of events here: http://www.caballeros.org/2015_balloon_schedule.htm

University of Arizona

Reporter Blake Herzog recently wrote an article for the Yuma Sun about media coverage of agriculture, after she attended a town hall forum that focused on water in southwestern Arizona.

Herzog sat down with KAWC's science reporter, Amanda Solliday, to discuss her article.

Solliday: Hi, Blake.

Herzog: Hi, thanks for having me, Amanda.