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Lead Detected In a Somerton Elementary School's Water

Lead has been found in the drinking water of one building at Orange Grove Elementary School in Somerton.  School Principal Kim Sey says voluntary testing done with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality in January and again in March showed "actionable" lead levels in Cottage C at the school.

The testing showed the school's well water was not the source of the lead and that no other school buildings had high lead levels.  Principal Sey says two classrooms in the Cottage had "actionable" levels in January only one reached that level in March.  For parents concerned about possible effects for their children, Principal Sey says the water system in Cottage C has been unused for more than a decade.

Principal Sey..."you're child hasn't been able to drink water from that classroom, and before they are able to drink water from there, high quality filters are going to be placed in that classroom fountain." 

Drinking facilities had not been used in Cottage C since the system was accidentally plugged twelve years ago.  The problem piping was recently repaired, but no use of the water for drinking was allowed until testing by ADEQ.  The exact cause of the elevated lead in Cottage C has not been determined, but lead solder connections in the old pipes is suspected.