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Yellow Tents Outside YRMC To Reduce Transmission of COVID-19

Yuma Regional Medical Center places yellow pop-up tents outside its ER center

 The new bright yellow tents that sit outside the emergency department entrance at Yuma Regional Medical Center aren't for testing patients with COVID-19 like symptoms. It's to triage anyone coming into the hospital to avoid transmission of the virus to patients and medical staff.  

"That social distancing we're talking about is a way  for us to distance respiratory from the back pains, maybe you sprained your arm," Said Deborah Aders, Chief Nursing Officer at Yuma Regional Medical Center. "We're keeping those separated out so there is no co-mingling." 

Arriving emergency patients are first assessed by a registered nurse at the check-in site. Patients with respiratory problems will be sent to the next tent for evaluation, Aders explained. 

Anyone determined to have additional complications by being at higher risk for COVID-19 will be taken into the emergency department through a special entrance. Other patients will be processed normally into the emergency room. 

As of Friday, there were four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yuma County according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.