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Town of Wellton Seeks Qualifying Families Who Want Homeownership

Homeownership will now be easier for several qualifying low-income families in Yuma County. 

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez reports.

The town of Wellton is looking for 10 Yuma County families who are willing to build 65 percent of their home as a step to gain homeownership through a Community Development Block Grant.

Wellton grants coordinator Yolanda Galindo-Morales said the homes will be built through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Mutual Self-help housing program and Housing America.

"The housing stock here is very old and a lot of the homes are dilapidated," Galindo-Morales said. "Or they’re mobile homes that are very old and people are paying rent who work here in the farms or work here at the local employers."

"It's another way for them to gain homeownership by providing this type of program for them," Galindo-Morales said."

Under the self-help program, families must qualify under the low income federal definitions and agree to build their home and the homes of several other program participants within a year.

Families will not move in to their new homes until all houses are finished and inspected.