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Two Yuma Delegates Represent County In Democratic National Convention



Monday was day one of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. It was also the first time Bryan Rasmussen,  the Yuma County Democratic Party Chairman, took part in an all virtual-based convention instead of gathering as planned in Milwaukee. 

The convention intends to hammer out the party platform, and nominate the party's candidates for President and Vice President. 

Rasmussen has attended in previous years.  "The thing I’m disappointed most about, just meeting people from across the country who’ve been doing the same work over the last several years," Rasmussen told KAWC. 

The video conferencing portal is set up with rooms that delegates can plug into to hear someone speak. 

"Being virtual is actually sort of convenient to be in the different meetings as they’re going on," he said. 

However several delegates expressed worry about getting to engage on certain issues and having their voices heard since it is all through a video chat, Rassmussen explained. 

" We’re getting reports from communities and councils that have been doing the work of organizing and moving the Democratic Party forward over the last several years.  Especially since the virus has kept all of our in-person meetings, ya know, from happening, it’s just really nice to be in a room with new people," he said 

He is also working regularly with Rep. Charline Fernandez who is also a delegate from Yuma County. 

"She’s a delegate for Biden, I’m a delegate for Sanders.  We spoke early on and ah, we agreed unity was the most important thing." Said Rassmussen. "The most important thing was to work toward beating Donald Trump in November."

Bernie Sanders won in Yuma County during the primary race. 

"I’m honored that I get to be in a position that I can make change happen for those people," Rassmussen said.