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Sen. Kelly touts significance of historic accords after Middle East visit

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly is highlighting the significance of an historic global agreement after his recent trip to the Middle East.

Senator Kelly last week joined a bipartisan delegation on a diplomatic mission to Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco.

The senators made the trip to check on the progress of the Abraham Accords. The Accords call for unprecedented national security cooperation between those nations, and Sudan. They were brokered by the US in 2020 in the face of Iranian nuclear threats.

During their visit the Senators met with presidents, high-ranking cabinet members, military leaders, and even with the king and a prince of Bahrain.

The delegation included Senators Jackie Rosen of Nevada and James Lankford of Oklahoma, who founded and chaired the caucus that created the Accords. They were joined by Senators Michael Bennett, (D-Colorado), Kirsten Gillibrand, (D-New York), Dan Sullivan, (R-Alaska), and Ted Budd, (R-North Carolina).

Part of the visit included a stop at Al Dhafra Air Base in the UAE. Kelly also participated in a Naval Task Force briefing while in Bahrain, where he learned more about the role the American military plays in regional security.

Senator Kelly sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Prior to going to space, he served as a Navy fighter pilot, who flew missions in Operation Desert Storm.

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