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Rafha House of Hope offers safehaven for runaway teen girls

Stephanie Sanchez

AZED-A recent lawsuit filed on behalf of thousands of kids in the state foster care system shed some light on what life is like for kids who have been taken out of their homes and places in the state’s care.

Allegations of abuse and neglect and a lack of resources or foster homes in local communities are just some of what the lawsuit contends lead to bad outcomes for kids and families.

Keeping kids in their own communities, close to family members they may reunite with, as well as the schools and friends they have is one simple step the state could take to improve the system.

However, if a community lacks homes and proper mental and physical health providers kids are sent out of town.

Last year one woman made it her mission to help some of these kids, specifically young women, who are, for some reason harder to find homes for.

The Rafha House of Hope, a temporary safe haven for runaway teen girls in Yuma County is celebrating a year in operation. 

KAWC's Stephanie Sanchez takes a walkthrough of the home with Laura Griffin, CEO of the Rafha House of Hope.

Credit Stephanie Sanchez
Backyard at the Rafha House of Hope.