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The Biden administration is hoping Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro will commit to climate standards for the Amazon. Activists warn of the folly of a deal with Bolsonaro, who's long dismissed climate concerns.

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Patrick Oppmann, a CNN reporter based in Havana, about what it means for Cuba that a Castro is not at the helm for the first time in more than sixty years.

Advocates say the number of places that offer free attorneys for people in court for evictions need to be expanded. Bills are pending in eight states, but there are real costs that someone has to pay.

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with the American indicators, four people whose stories illustrate what the American economy faces a month after President Biden signed a coronavirus relief bill into law.

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with cookbook writer Nigella Lawson about her latest book Cook, Eat, Repeat and how to stop viewing cooking as tedious and, instead, find peace in the kitchen.