Local Party Leaders Sound Off On Election Results

Nov 7, 2018

Tuesday's elections in Yuma County saw Republicans win more statewide races while Democrats were re-elected to the state Legislature and Congress. Both parties' local leaders shared their thoughts with KAWC.

The most watched race in Arizona remained undecided Wednesday for the U.S. Senate with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally too close to call.

In the governor's race, incumbent Republican Doug Ducey won a second term over Democrat David Garcia.

Other races for state office were split between the two parties. In Yuma County, leaders from both parties said they are hopeful in the Senate race.

"Arizona... given millions and millions of out of state dollars spent and out of state interests that came in to try and influence voters couldn't flip Arizona fundamentally," said Russ Jones, the chairman of the county Republican committee.

Jones said he was pleased with voter turnout; however, county Democratic Party leader Martin Porchas said he was disappointed with turnout from his party's voters.

"Yes, we're seeing more people voting," Porchas said. "But you wonder if Democrats got out to vote, especially in the Latino community."

Officials have said a final result in the Senate race could come as early as Thursday.