Yuma Water Lawyer: Be Careful With Water Use

Dec 18, 2018

Water leaders from Yuma met last week with their counterparts from throughout Arizona and six other states along the Colorado River for an annual water conference in Las Vegas.

On Thursday, the nation’s top water official announced a deadline of Jan. 31 to finalize all Drought Contingency Plans, or DCPs, for the Colorado River Basin. Arizona and California have yet to finalize their states’ DCPs.

Wade Noble, legal counsel for the Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District, attended the Colorado River Water Users Association conference. Noble told KAWC that Yuma water users have a high priority level but should still be cautious.

“We have to be careful that our water use is consistent with our higher priority and that those who would acquire our higher priority rights and move them off the river are prevented from doing that,” Noble said.

A final deal will require federal legislation and approval by Arizona’s legislature before the Lower Basin DCP can be implemented.