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Yuma Area Walmart's To Complete Renovation Next Week

If you have been to any of the four Walmart's in the Yuma area you may notice departments have been re-arranged and renovations have been underway. 

According to Anne Hatfield, Walmart's Western States Director of Communication, the stores are being renovated to the highest standards of Walmart's newest stores. 

"Things that customers will see include expanded beer and wine selections, expanded delis. New interactive departments in electronics and the baby section. Where products are out of the box," said Hatfield. 

The Walmart in the Foothills is getting a 'Walmart Pickup Tower' to assist with online orders. 

How the Walmart pickup tower works…

"Go onto purchase it. Tell us that you want to go into the store to pick it up," Hatfield explained. "There's a very large orange pickup tower, there's a code on the email sent to your smartphone. Scan the code, the machine delivers your package." 

The renovations are nearly finished in the area's stores and work is expected to be done by the end of next week for all four locations according to Hatfield.

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