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Laura Bush Foundation Grants Cibola High School Library With $5,000

Cibola HIgh School
CHS Library

The Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries granted $5,000 to Cibolo High School's library.  


Cibola High was one of 205 schools to receive a portion of the $1 million grant for library restorations.  


“The Laura Bush Foundation is supporting Yuma students to become college and career ready by supporting reading and literacy," said Cibola Librarian Amanda Coltman. "I would like the thank the Laura Bush Foundation for believing in our Cibola students in the same way that the faculty here at Cibola believes in them.” 


The funds provided to Cibola High will allow the library to increase its collection and purchase more materials for English language learners, books in braille, popular fiction, and graphic novels. 


Since its inception in 2002, the Laura Bush Foundation For America's Libraries has awarded more than $16 million to more than 2,800 schools across the country. 

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