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Rep. Fernandez issues apology on social media

Rep. Alma Hernandez, (D-District 3), and Rep. Brian Fernandez, (D-District 23)
Capitol Media Services/Arizona State Legislature
Rep. Alma Hernandez, (D-District 3), and Rep. Brian Fernandez, (D-District 23)

State Representative Brian Fernandez, who represents southern Yuma County, is responding to accusations raised by a member of his own party.

Representative Alma Hernandez, a Democrat from Tucson, claims Fernandez called her fat and made other misogynistic comments about her during a recent rural transportation conference here in Yuma.

Hernandez was not at the conference, her complaints are based on comments from other lawmakers, some of them Republican.

Fernandez initially denied making the comments and said he did not condone such behavior.

He told Capitol Media Services late last week quote: “one should always be skeptical of secondhand gossip, kindness is always the better choice.”

But this morning, he took to Twitter to admit making some derogatory comments, and to apologize, writing in part:

“I did make some unkind statements, I know I caused hurt and for that I am sincerely sorry.

I have the utmost respect for women...”

House Minority Leader Reginald Bolding has said party leadership will look into the complaint.

Hernandez did not file a formal complaint with the House Ethics Committee, but she did tell Cap Media she did expect party leadership to invoke some sort of punishment.

She also wanted an apology.

Fernandez is currently running for Arizona State Senate.