Arizona Edition: COVID Campaigning, Joel John Seeks Seat in Arizona House

Jul 20, 2020

While meet and greet campaign events with candidates are limited compared to those held in previous years, Republican Candidate Joel John is still making his way through Arizona's Legislative District 4 as a first-time candidate for the Arizona House.


The Buckeye native says he'll rely on past experience running a family agriculture irrigation business as a State Representative.


"I want to support small business," he said, highlighting his top motivation in seeking state office. 


On this episode of Arizona Edition, KAWC's Lou Gum speaks with John about his family's business, his past experience as a teacher in Arizona, and how he plans to campaign in the weeks and months ahead. 


John says his ability to speak Spanish will help him connect with some potential voters.  


LD 4 has never sent a Republican State Representative to the Arizona House.  The primary election is August 4th.