Quechan Councilwoman and Esteemed Tribal Leader Dies From COVID-19

Feb 12, 2021

Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe officials announced the passing of Councilwoman Claudette White after a short battle with COVID-19. 

The esteemed tribal leader died on Feb. 6 according to Quechan officials. White was sworn in as a Quechan Tribal Councilmember on Jan. 4 of 2021. 

"We pay tribute to White's legacy and longstanding heart of service as we recognize her work, love, and support for our tribe and indigenous people all over the land. We also recognize her heart and 'commitment to culture and community'," said Jordan Joaquin, President of the Quechan Tribe Council. 

While her time as a councilwoman was cut short her history of service long exceeds her time in office. 

White previously served as the general manager for Paradise Casino, a Quechan Tribal Court Chief Judge, and a census worker. 

She was also an advocate and source for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.