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YCSO Canine To Train With Yuma Sector Border Patrol

Yuma County Sheriff's Office

The bond between the Yuma County Sheriff's Office and the Yuma Sector Border Patrol grew stronger after both agencies announced they would assist one another in training a new four-legged partner. 

Agents Jeremy Kite and Dennis Crumby are canine instructors with the Yuma Sector and they joined forces with YCSO Deputy William Rice who serves as a canine handler too. They hand-selected a three-year-old male Belgian Malinois named Kass. 

“We did a series of tests that determine whether or not the dog is suitable for detection,” said Jeremy Kite.“[Kass] showed the most amount of drive of all the dogs we selection tested.” 


Before the partnership, YCSO would purchase a dog from a commercial vendor at the Customs and Border Protection Canine Center in El Paso, Texas (CCEP). The dog would also have to be trained there as well. 


“This is the first time we are doing pre-training locally for an outside agency,” said Mark Sims, the canine unit's special operations supervisor. 

The decision behind having the Yuma Sector's assistance was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. CCEP was not able to provide YCSO with a canine so YCSO found their own vendor and made the selection with the help of the Yuma Sector. 

Kass will learn to detect the odors of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy. 

“Once we see the dog performing proficiently in these areas then he will be ready for the handler to come in and start training with him," said Agent Dennis Crumby.  

Following a six-week training course, Kess will head to El Paso to train with CCEP before being certified in the field. 


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