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AWC President on $7.5 Million Investment to Bolster Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Training
Arizona Western College

The President of Arizona Western College says the $7.5 million investment to expand the college’s law enforcement training academy will expand the college’s support to local law enforcement agencies.

On Thursday, Governor Doug Ducey announced the financial investment from CARES Act money to bolster law enforcement training in the county.

Governor Ducey said this investment would help strengthen the state's law enforcement strategy, especially in a border community.

"By increasing the capacity at this advanced training facility in Southern Arizona, statewide law enforcement personnel will have the unique opportunity to learn about the challenges of protecting Arizonans in border communities and across the state," said Gov. Ducey.

College President, Dr. Daniel Corr, said the current training facility is located near the civic center in the old Ray Kroc center.

“What we want to do now, with the $7.5 million is so. A brand-new covenant state-of-the-art training facility that will serve our communities for the generations to come.”

Dr. Corr said the academy would be a 22-week course. He adds it's a very intensive program that cadets go through. They usually start with more than 20 individuals but end up with a few under 20. The program is held at least twice a year.

As for requirements, Dr. Corr said individuals must be physically fit, have a clean record, and be interested in law enforcement. Men and women are encouraged to apply.

Dr. Corr says that upon completion of the program, cadets are hired by law enforcement agencies and become peace officers.

The program's cost is incurred from Arizona @ Work pays for the program. Dr. Corr says it's a huge benefit
to law enforcement training. The budget is used for training, protective gear, and new equipment.

Dr. Corr says being a community college and with the challenges the community faces, he supports local law enforcement and wants to be part of the solution. Adding that, a thriving community needs well-trained police officers.

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Sumiko Keil