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911 Service In Mexico Proving Useful

Stephanie Sanchez

It’s been nearly a year since Mexico changed its emergency number to 911 like in the U.S.

Officials say the transition has been fairly easy for cities along the U.S. Mexico border, KAWC’S Stephanie Sanchez reports.

Mexico made the nationwide switch to 911 on October 3, 2016.

In the country’s previous emergency system, people had to dial different numbers for police, medical or fire emergencies. 

Director for Mexicali’s center of control, command, communication and calculation, also known as C4, Sergio Leonel Garcia, said it was an easy transition for his community.

"It’s been well received since people here were already familiar with the U.S. emergency number," Garcia said in Spanish.

To get the word out, Los Algodones, a popular tourist town about 10 miles from Yuma, has spray painted billboards around town to remind the public to call the new 911 in case of emergency.

Law enforcement officials said there have been no major issues reported during the transition.

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