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GYEDC's Julie Engel and Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls on Business in Yuma

Arizona Edition – Five Fortune 500 companies call Yuma home, employing a thousand-plus workers.  Logistics, Agribusiness, Manufacturing and Renewable Energy of are some of the growth areas in industry here.  When a new company or business looks to expand or relocate to the Yuma area, a region by the way that is touted for its proximity to four states and two countries, they can get some help from the Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation.      

To find out more about how GYEDC plans ahead and where it thinks business growth is most likely, KAWC’s Kim Johnson talked to some GYEDC board members and its President and CEO, Julie Engel…(originally aired 08/13/14).

KAWC’s Kim Johnson also spoke with former GYEDC board member and now Yuma Mayor, Douglas Nicholls…

081314 Arizona Edition - Douglas Nicholls, Mayor of Yuma, on Business in the City

This piece was featured in the August 18th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show can be found below in the related content section.